This year we’ve (virtually) rallied together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! With a lot more time on our hands at home, we’ve been finding all sorts of ways to have fun with less and discovering what essentials we can and can’t live without. Yesterday we took to Instagram Live (for the very first time!) to see what the Stojo team has been up to over the past month.


We encourage you to join us in planting a seed (both literally and metaphorically) and start thinking about what is essential to you. “Should I start carrying around an extra reusable grocery bag in case I stop by the store? Did I really need to buy that plastic water bottle at the market?”

While we celebrate a little bit extra on Earth Day, in reality, we treat every day like Earth Day. Doing what we can to make a difference in the world is at the core of our values. One cup or bottle at a time, we aim to make this planet a special place that future generations can continue to enjoy.

By using your Stojo everyday, in one year you’ll save over 300 disposable cups. Oh and don’t forget the 23 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions, 281 gallons of water, 16 lbs of solid waste, and 1 tree from being chopped down that you rescue as well!

We want to end this with a big THANK YOU to all of you who’ve helped make a difference. Remember every small change makes a big impact on the world around you. 

Peace, Love, and Stojo 🌱