Gift wrap, but make it sustainable.

We like to stay wrapped up in what matters most: the present.

TBH, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can sometimes be a little much. That’s why we want to help you stay focused on what it’s all about. Here are some wrapping hacks to help make your gift wrapping fun, easy, and sustainable. Have fun with less! 

Wrap your stojo in a reusable cloth!

Cozied up in cloth

Gift wrap that’s also a gift?! Wrap up a Stojo inside a dishcloth, or even a beeswax wrap! Give a two-in-one gift that will have you saying holi-yay!

Tucked in a tote 

Take some inspiration from Santa's toy sack and pop your present inside a reusable tote bag. You’ve got the gift of sustainability in the bag with this idea! 

Use your Stojo as the wrapping and just add a bow on top!

Kraft paper 2.0 

Put that shipping kraft paper to good use and make your very own wrapping paper. You could even zhuzh it up by drawing on some snowflakes or hearts! 

Topped with a bow

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. Let the beauty of our packaging do the talking by just popping a bow or ribbon on top. Kind of like ornaments on the tree! 

Whether you’re wrapping or receiving a Stojo, we hope your holiday is merry and bright!

Have your own sustainable wrapping idea? We would love to see it! Tag us on social and let’s make this season magical, together!