How Team Stojo is Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22 each year, when spring is in full-swing in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also almost exactly a month after the Spring Equinox, a day that has long been a celebration of the planet in traditions around the world, particularly in indigenous communities.

The first nationwide Earth Day was in 1970. This first Earth Day is often connected to the publication of Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking Silent Spring in 1962, the publication of which helped usher in the modern environmental movement in the United States. 

Now, estimates that over 1 billion people do something to celebrate Earth Day each year. That’s 15% of the total population all coming together to celebrate the little rock we call home through any number of ways: planting trees, picking up trash, and even taking naked bike rides. (Google if you dare.)

This is what Team Stojo is doing to celebrate Earth Day! You might find inspiration for your own Earth Day activities:


- We're big fans of composting. So when I found about Lomi, a countertop composter that turns household waste into soil for your plants in just a few hours... I got one for myself & the entire Stojo Team.



- Supporting our local farmers markets in North Carolina.
- Going hiking in Tennessee and filling an empty Stojo Bowl with litter to throw in a bin!


Planting a new avocado tree in our front yard in California.


- Spending more time in nature with a long hike.
- Making our own hummus at home instead of buying endless single-use plastic containers.


- Using my Stojo Bowls for picnics alllll spring & summer (and bringing clean extras for socially distant friends to share snacks!)

“I’ve been wearing daily contact lenses for years, and have been feeling guilty about all of the single-use plastic from the packaging. I’ll be recycling the single-use plastic packs through the TerraCycle and Bausch + Lomb recycling program! (They accept contact lenses and blister packs from all brands.) This is how it works: you search the map, find a local eye care office near you accepting blister packs, and drop them off to be recycled.” 


- Only using Stojo bowls for food and Stojo bottles for water
- Educating myself on the different types of plastic that exist to better understand their benefits and harms
- Re-educating myself on how to properly recycle


- Switching to compostable poop bags for my dog, Duncan, for our daily walks 
- Planting a vegetable and herb garden 
- Switching to
Blueland laundry and dish detergent—getting away from the ‘pods’ 

“A big one is remembering my reusable shopping bags—we were really good about this in NYC, but since we have moved, we have slacked a bit here and need to remember to bring them to the grocery store.”


Taking my Stojo Bowls when I travel. Also taking my Stojo Bowl to restaurants so I can use them for leftovers instead of the plastic / paper packaging that most restaurants use.

"Now that there's good hiking weather, I’m taking my Stojo Sports Bottle every time I go outdoors!"