We’re in complete awe of the selflessness that we’ve been seeing over the past few months! To show our support, we’re highlighting some of our restaurants and organizations that are giving back to their communities by creating much needed jobs and feeding healthcare heroes. 

Meals for Heroes (Miami) 

Words from Meals for Heroes: Since its inception on April 1, Meals for Heroes Miami has purchased and delivered 8,500 meals to frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic; helped save approximately 50 local restaurant industry jobs at its 21 local restaurant partners; fed teams at 12 hospitals and testing centers, five first responder departments and an Army Corps of Engineers; and coordinated and delivered over 4,600 notes of gratitude from local schoolkids to the heroes protecting them. The non-profit, donation-based organization, was created to address two complementary objectives: feed the stressed and exhausted first responders risking their lives daily and provide revenue and protect jobs at Miami restaurants. 

Green Pear Cafe (Hoboken) 

Words from Green Pear: What we do in this time is connecting our community with the frontline workers. We are able to keep our doors open through our go-fund me called the Kindness Challenge. We don't ask for handouts, but the financial help allows us to keep preparing meals for healthcare workers. You can learn more on our social media channels.  

Off Their Plate (New York City) 

Words from Off Their Plate: Frontline healthcare workers are working tirelessly to combat COVID-19. Restaurant employees’ livelihoods have been disrupted due to this pandemic. Off Their Plate connects these two groups by providing economic relief to food service workers, and feeding the medical community, while prioritizing health and safety for all. 


Eastwood in New York City - a restaurant partner at Off Their Plate - shared a few of their signature recipes with us!

Eastwood Star Tender's Mezcal White Negroni

1oz Mezcal
1oz Suze
1oz Lillet

Stir with ice, strain over fresh ice, garnish with lemon peel, enjoy with an Israeli Scotch Egg

Eastwood's Israeli Scotch Egg 

8-minute egg, peeled, at room temperature
Falafel Mix
Neutral oil for frying, safflower or canola 
Plastic Wrap
Paper towels 

Portion out two scoops of falafel mix on a piece of plastic wrap. Flatten the falafel mix to half an inch. Place egg in the center. Use plastic wrap to coat the egg completely in the falafel mix. Squeeze it tightly to make a well-formed ball. Set falafel ball aside and reuse plastic wrap to cover more eggs. Deep fry falafel covered eggs until brown and crispy. Drain on paper towel. Cut in half and sprinkle with salt, pepper and cayenne. Serve with tahini. Enjoy with Mezcal White Negroni.

What can you do? 

Meals for Heroes, Green Pear Cafe, Off Their Plate, and many others in the food industry have opened their hearts to feed their communities. You can help make a change by supporting your local restaurants and non-profit organizations in their endeavors to make this world a better place. Have a favorite spot that’s doing some good? Let us know!