The future is female (and sustainable)

Girl, did you know? That Team Stojo is made up of 70% women?! These fierce females are integral to keeping Stojo running and bringing that extra *zhuzh* to everything we do. 

Learn more about the Stojo lady squad and what we’re all about! (Besides supporting other women, obviously.)

Meet Jen!

Jen Evans

Operations Manager
“Jen has a heart of gold. She's open-minded, fun and always down to have a good time! Queen of operations at Stojo, Jen is grounded, level headed and a rock within our team.”
– Charlotte

Check out Charlotte!Charlotte Gane

Director of Product Development
“Charlotte inspires everyone around her with her exceptional taste and style. She’s wildly thoughtful, considerate and leads with kindness and empathy.”
– Meghan

Meet Meghan, she's great!

Meghan Holzhauer

Director of Brand / Marketing
“Meghan is a courageous leader, thoughtful mentor, and all-around inspiring woman. She encourages us to take on new work/life challenges and is always there 
for advice and support.”

– Amber

Meet Amber!

Amber Warren

Art Director / Designer
“Amber is so open-hearted and fun, which is what gives her an incredible eye for color and design. She inspires us all to make our lives a bit more bright and comforting every day.”
– Toni

It's Toni!

Toni Kwadzogah

Customer Experience Associate
“Toni has the special gift of balancing empathy and humility while also bringing the house down with a witty one liner. She brightens any meeting just with her presence!”
– Kate

Hey, check out Kate!

Kate Borrelli

Markeing + E-comm Ops Manager
“Kate is one of the most down to earth people I know. She’s incredibly kind, an amazing listener, and is always down to have a good time!”
– Susie

Hey, Susie!
Susie Lee

Customer & Community Experience Manager
“Susie is our pun (and plant) queen! She always brings fun
and flare to our work days. Stojo would not be the same without
her passion for sustainability and caring presence.”
– Jen