We always say that little actions add up to big things. So good news, re-usable tote users of New York - we did it! Starting March 1st of this year, any shopping center that charges sales tax (we’re looking at you grocery and retail stores) can no longer pack up your goods in those disposable plastic bags. 

Just like single use water bottles and coffee cups, which Stojo use reduces, plastic bags have had a big effect too. The NYC Department of Sanitation reported that we used more than 10 billion plastic bags in a year. Now we can get that number closer to zero than ever, and work on reducing waste in other parts of our lives too. 

It may sound like a huge task - but like we said, it’s the little things. So we’ve rounded up the Stojo team to show you how we’re reducing our own waste in 2020 and beyond, whether we #BYOBagNY or reach for our Stojo morning joe. So meet the team and sound off on what you’re doing this year, and tell us you’re with the ban too. 


Erin B, Graphic Designer:

“I made the switch to using clean beauty products that have a zero waste mission such as Loli Beauty. Their oils are so refreshing and made from all natural ingredients, and trust me, my skin has never been happier. Before Stojo, I never thought of these areas of my life where I could be reducing my carbon footprint and waste contribution.”



Irene T, Director of E-Commerce: 

“Reusables are the way to go! I discovered Bee’s Wrap to replace plastic wraps in my kitchen. I always take my canvas reusable bag to my farmer’s market and put my fruit, veggies and bread straight in. When I’m feeling extra decadent, I stop at Billy’s Bakery to pick up their delicious sandwich cookies and store them in Stasher reusable bags, which keeps them fresher longer.”



Susie L, Customer Experience Manager:

“I finally started composting last year. I store my fruit and veggie scraps, egg peels, and dead leaves from houseplants in a compost bin in my freezer, and drop them off with GrowNYC at the farmers market. I’m obsessed with composting—without food waste in my trash can, my trash is clean and odor-free! Also, shameless plug to Stojo. This is the reusable product that started it all—this one cup got me thinking about my single-use plastic usage. All it takes is one cup to change your daily habits. Now I’m never without my Stojo cup and bottle!”

Rico M, Chief Marketing Officer:

“We have shifted to using paper bags in our apartment as opposed to plastic trash bags.  Furthermore, we just try to make positive reusable decisions when out and about. Sometimes that means hand carrying takeaway food, or going grocery shopping, by putting items in a backpack or declining the plastic bag.”

Bailey U, Director of Performance Marketing:

“I use Baggu reusable bags for shopping, cloth veggie/fruit bags for groceries, glass containers for food (also no BPA so double whammy), and I stopped ordering in and started solely cooking!”