At Stojo, we care about a few things: convenience, the planet, and damn good design. Today, we’re narrowing in on just one of those aspects, and that’s the planet. More specifically, we’re talking about how Stojo as a company—and by extension, our amazing customers that make it all possible—is making a positive impact on the world.

So let’s talk numbers:

In 2020, Stojo saved 8,840,000 plastic bottles and disposable cups, over a 30% increase from 2019. With new products on the way, we plan on only increasing that number.

That’s over 8 million pieces of plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard kept out landfills. Trash that’s kept out our oceans (keeping our animal friends nice and safe), and out of the beautiful environment we call home.

When plastic ends up in landfills, which in the US, the overwhelming majority of it does, that’s where it stays. For a long, long time, plastic just sits there. See, one of the key benefits of plastic is its durability, but it’s also a double-sided sword when it comes to disposal. It takes an estimated 1,000 years for plastic to decompose under landfill conditions. That’s your life, the lives of your children, your children’s children, and on and on just for a single day’s use. Yikes.

So when you use your Stojo, you’re doing a lot for the world!

Disposables in trash image


Each year, just one Stojo saves

16 lbs of solid waste 

These are the things like disposable cups, plastic bottles, and to-go food containers. That’s an incredible amount of weight saved, considering how light these disposables are. Although on their own, single-use items don’t seem like a lot of waste—what’s one cup, right?—frequent trips to the cafe around the block add up a significant amount of waste over time. Even using your Stojo to replace a single-use item once a day cuts down your waste in a measurable way. 

23 lbs of greenhouse gasses

It may not seem intuitive, but greenhouse gas emissions are measured in pounds. If you can remember back to your highschool chemistry days, you’ll recall that the core greenhouse gasses—carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases—aren’t very heavy. To put these numbers into perspective, 1lb of carbon dioxide could fill 64 gallons. 1lb of carbon dioxide is also around the same amount an average car emits per mile driven. So one small Stojo is big-time effective. 

281 gallons of water

Even though our planet is covered in it, drinkable water is not a finite resource. The massive corporations that produce disposable water bottles take from natural spring resources, which can be depleted or run dry; in California, Nestlé was still able to draw millions of gallons from a spring on National Land in 2019, despite the state’s drought. This number also includes water saved during the manufacturing process. 

Smoke stack image

Those are some of our numbers in context. But this isn’t just to pat ourselves on the back. Every time you use your Stojo instead of going for disposable, or gift one to friends and family, you directly contribute to making these numbers rise. So although we say these are Stojo’s statistics, they’re really yours, too. This is the positive impact you’re making on the world. 

Not bad, is it?