Why reusables should be your <br> summer travel companion

Pack your bags—summer travel is well under way! With restrictions lifting across the United States and abroad, we’re all more eager than ever to hop on planes, trains, and automobiles to go somewhere. (Anywhere!). After 2020, we think that everyone deserves a vacation. 

That being said, let’s not throw caution to the wind just yet. Although COVID restrictions are ending, it’s more important than ever to travel mindfully and sustainably. Travel can generate a ton of waste and increase your carbon footprint, but there are simple things you can do to counteract that. So today we’re talking about how to have your hot girl summer moment—while keeping it sustainable. We call this: Hot Stojo Summer.


Put reusables on your packing list 

Traveling inherently creates a lot of waste. Typically when we travel, we eat out for almost every meal, and grab snacks and coffees on-the-go. We’re looking for convenience over all else. Who has time to waste when you’ve got the beach at 8, lunch at 12, snorkeling at 4, and dinner and a show at 7? That’s where a travel companion like Stojo comes in! 

Outdoor kitchen with Stojo products

One of our favorite features of our products is how easy they are to travel with, thanks to the collapsible design. With all the hustle and bustle of travel, it can be difficult to make sustainable choices, but having your Stojo with you makes those decisions a lot easier. Because they collapse down small enough to fit in most purses and backpacks, you can carry the sustainable option around with you and don’t have to stress. Don’t just make sustainable choices, bring them with you! 

No matter how you’re getting to where you’re going this summer, Stojo’s got your summer travel covered: 



Stojos of all forms are TSA-friendly. (Just make sure your Stojo Cups and Bottles are empty of liquids before bringing them through security!) They collapse down small enough to fit in your carry-on bag, and you can fill them as needed on your way to your gate. 

When it comes to using your Stojo Bowl, did you know the TSA actually allows you to bring home-cooked food through security? As long as there’s limited liquids inside, it’s a-ok! So the next time you’re flying, feel free to bring your healthy and delicious salad or noodle situation with you to the airport to enjoy. Our food storage containers are lightweight, spill-proof, and fold down flat, so you’ll barely even notice them in your carry-on.



A road trip is one place where the Stojo Cup (in any size!) shines. It’s perfect for whether you’re cruising down the highway and need a caffeine fix, or getting seriously adventurous (and bumpy) while off-roading. When you’re done hydrating, you can even use your cup to hold your snacks!

Bonus: For those long drives, we curated a mood-enhancing summer Stojo audio experience… AKA a Spotify playlist. Queue up 4 hours of the crunchiest grooves in town 😎🎶


Touring and exploring

Our handy dandy Stojo Bottle is the perfect hydration companion to carry on any outdoors adventure. Our flexible 20oz bottle folds up small, and the loop on the cap also means that you can attach the bottle to your backpack in both its expanded and collapsed form. 

A new twist on our original 20 oz Bottle, the Stojo Sports Bottle is made for convenient sipping on-the-go, giving you even more ways to stay hydrated on the move. Take it biking, horseback riding, hiking, climbing, canoeing… anything you can think of! Oh, and it won’t crack or dent if you accidentally drop it off a cliff. If you already have a regular Stojo Bottle, you can get just the Sports Cap and swap the caps out as you please. 

Stojo bottle attached to bike

When you get back from your trip, cleanup is a breeze—all Stojo products are dishwasher safe, and can also be washed by hand with a little soap & water. 


Other ways to reduce impact 

Besides reducing your waste impact with reusables, there are other ways to make summer travel sustainable. One way is by offsetting your carbon emissions. It’s no secret that flying can be tough on the environment, and many major airlines (in partnership with the amazing carbonfund.org) will help you calculate the impact of your trip. They’ll then suggest a donation amount to put towards projects like clean energy or forestry services to offset the impact of your flight. 

If you’re not keen on going through an airline, or aren’t flying, there are still options to offset your carbon footprint. Services like Wren work in a similar way, and you can donate by trip, or also set up a recurring donation to help offset your daily impact. 

If you’re up for anything this summer, so is your Stojo! Go forth and travel. (Sustainably, of course!)