titan 24 oz cup - ink $24.99

titan 24 oz cup - ink $24.99

titan 24 oz cup - ink $24.99


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The stojo titan is the 24 oz version of our collapsible cup, perfect for your smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, bubble tea or when you’re just in need of that venti coffee. It is the sustainable and convenient alternative to disposable cups or bulky travel mugs for your hot and cold drinks. 

Throw your 2.5” collapsed stojo in your bag or pocket or stash in your luggage before a flight or camping trip so it’s always there when you need it. Remove and reuse the collapsible straw with your stojo or any cup. Ask your local cafe or smoothie bar for discounts with your stojo, or brew at home for even bigger savings.


key product features:

  • collapsible cup with stabilizing, temperature resistant heat sleeve
  • collapsible, removable straw
  • tab creates airtight, leak-proof seal
  • designed to take completely apart for easy cleaning
  • dishwasher safe
  • made without bpas, phthalates, leads or glues
  • made with premium food grade lfgb silicone cup, tab, & straw
  • polypropylene lid and heat sleeve


  • capacity: 24 ounces / 709 ml
  • diameter: 4.5" / 11.4 cm
  • expanded height: 6.13" / 15.6 cm
  • collapsed height: 2.5" / 6.35 cm
  • straw diameter: 0.5” / 1.2 cm
  • straw length: 7.38” / 18.7 cm
  • weight:  10.3 ounces

        the simple way to reduce disposables

        • convenient

          Portable and compact, stojo quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk that you can keep in your bag or pocket to use anytime.

        • valueable

          Saving the planet makes cents. Brew at home or get eco-friendly discounts at your local cafe.

        • safe

          Made from food grade, recyclable materials for hot and cold drinks. stojo is BPA free and microwave safe.

        • easy to clean

          Built with a seamless, take-apart design for easy cleaning. stojo is glue free and dishwasher safe.

        small change, major impact

        We’re on a mission to end disposable culture.. Americans toss an estimated 58 billion disposable cups annually. If everyone in the US used a Stojo, we could:
        Save those disposable cups to construct a tower to the moon 22 times over
        Power over 53,000 homes a year with the energy saved
        Save over 2 million trees a year and breathe a little easier