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Great, versatile bowl

Narcisa C.

I absolutely love this bowl, it’s great as a lunchbox or to take with you on a day trip, since it can easily be stacked and carried.

Fun & functional!

Sunny G.

Love my new collapsible bowls! They look and stack so much neater than conventional storage containers. 

Perfect for on the go!

Taylor J.

I can’t tell you how often my collapsible bowls have already come in handy! From reducing my waste when bringing home leftovers, to having my local coffee shop pack my bagels up for a low waste breakfast! 

No more cluttered cabinets or missing lids

Bundle includes everything you 

need to tidy your tupperware 

drawer once and for all.

Collapse and stack them for 

space saving organization and 

fill them up for meal prep.

Make Meal Prepping a Dream.

Store and measure your ingredients 

in airtight containers to make meal 

planning easier than ever.

Throw them your bag and 

bring them to work, school, 

or on an adventure.

Ready to eat? 

Microwave, bake, or freeze your 


Done eating? 

Just collapse them down and 

easily store them in your bag.

Put them in the dishwasher 

without worrying about 

damaging your bowl.