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24 oz Box
Patio R.V.

24 oz Box

Box, 3-pack Translucent

24 oz cup
Daphne K.
Likes: Everything . . . ease of purchase, color, ease of expanding and collapsing and most of all being able to stay on trick with drinking 50+ ounces of water per day.
Improvements: Not sure, but I love my two cups.
Hydration Hero

My second Stojo. I tend to hydrate more sipping from a straw all day, so I decided to add this to my traveling kit. I have a smaller one that I will now use for coffee and tea. My 24 oz. one was purchased for my water. I hate having my water bottles fall out of my bag or backpack during travel. I Carry a Ziplock back to store the collapsible tumblers when done using and never worry about losing them. Bonus is I actually save more space and use the water bottle pocket for an umbrella or another small item.

Likes: nothing
Improvements: refund
Product ruined my Louis Vuitton bag

This tupperware was sealed perfectly, placed in a cloth grocery bag, then into my purse to commute home. In that ~20 minutes, the tupperware managed to leak the little remaining food / sauce into my entire bag - completely ruining a $1,200 bag

20 oz bottle
Cathy W.


24 oz Box Translucent

36 oz Bowl
Jan B.
Likes: Everything
Improvements: Nothing
Will " Bowl" You Away

Love it and haven't even used it yet! Color great, size great, Stojo great.

36 oz Bowl
Robert C.
Likes: Easy purchase, a little bigger, or another size up, say 48 would be perfect.
Improvements: Give me a month
It works.

Very nice, just what I was looking for! Open my bag of salad, ad my ingredients and presto, eat well and tuck the dirty bowl away. Not much storage needed.

Likes: Collapsible
Improvements: Larger sizes and figure out how not to collapse them when securing the lid.
New containers

I love the new containers. I wish you had a larger size than the 36 oz. You have to be careful putting the lid on because you can easily collapse them with food in them.

12 oz cup
Jan B.
Likes: Stojo customer service and so many choices of colors to choose to mix and match bowls, boxes and cups.
Improvements: You just made a great imporovement with the addition of the transparent bases on your bowls and boxes. My next purchasing adventure!
Stojo Your Mojo

Perfect size for grab and go. Warm and welcoming color. Perfect stowaway when not in use. Great job Stojo!

Likes: Easy to collapse and carry
Improvements: I wish the cup tab would be stable…
For all my family

Great cups for all my family. Especially for my 2 year-old son! And he loves it!!! I love the colors!!

36 oz Bowl
Fawn M.
Likes: Can’t use

The tops don’t snap on.

Likes: I love how strong the container is and save the environment
Improvements: Color, I hope you guys have yellow color for the big container
Love the container

Love it

Likes: Convenient
Improvements: Nothing!
Perfect solution

These are just the right size for my leftovers, and the snap on lids are amazing!

12 oz cup
Harshini V.

It's perfect! Wouldn’t change a thing :)

24 oz Box
Harshini V.

I loveee it! So functional <3

24 oz Box
Lynn M.

24 oz Box

24 oz cup
Charles G.
Great cup

I love these cups. Sand because they're collapsible and sealed, they're great for my kids. I'll normally make tea for myself and my kids in these cups and serve it without them spilling it.

Box, 3-pack
Evalynne C.
Likes: Primarily a space saver for a small kitchen.
Improvements: Pricing is a factor but will definitely buy more.
Great space saver product!

Collapsible, dishwasher safe and space-saver.
No need for a drawer full of lids and chipped glass containers.

16 oz cup
Shawn H.
Likes: Love that they’re compact and that they can go in the dishwasher
Great execution of a great idea

These are great. So handy and easy to use.

Likes: the customer service is also great
Improvements: maybe tips on cleaning the stojo
i love it!

i take my stojo everywhere — it comes in handy when i have leftovers!!! Also leakproof and air tight 😎

Box, 3-pack
George M.
Improvements: It can be difficult to lock lids

You need to add dry erase area on the lid. That way you can label whatever is inside and not have to open it to find out

16 oz cup
Skip S.
Likes: Color
Improvements: It’s all good

My granddaughter loves it

12 oz cup
Nimisha W.

12 oz cup

Likes: I like that I can see what's inside and that it's so easy to close. If I have trouble closing a container, it becomes a topic of conversion.
Improvements: Not applicable, I have no idea what you can improve
Excellent produce - easy to use

I use these containers a lot. Among other this, I take one with me when I go out to eat. It's easy to carry, easy to close, and less likely to make a mess in the car. And, of course, it's better for the environment.