cheers to sustainability

Give colleagues and friends the best collapsible, reusable cup for your event or organization.

keep the planet green with reusable cups

  • give sustainable products

    Promote sustainability in your organization and event with reusable products.

  • saving the planet makes cents

    Build an eco-friendly atmosphere while reducing costs on disposables.

  • reduce your carbon footprint

    Be the supplier of change for your organization’s sustainability goals.

the eco-friendly portable cup

collapsible cups to make sustainable living easy

  • convenient

    Portable and compact, stojo quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk that your customers can keep in their bag or pocket to use anytime.

  • safe

    Made from food grade, recyclable materials for hot and cold drinks. stojo is BPA free and microwave safe.

  • easy to clean

    Built with a seamless, take-apart design for easy cleaning. stojo is glue free and dishwasher safe.