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Attention Coffee Shop Owners

Sell Stojo Cups in Your Cafe

Offer your customers the design-forward and eco-friendly Stojo collapsible pocket cup. For a limited time, get a 12-pack for just $60 with free shipping.

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A New Way To Drink Coffee

  • Portable & Leak Proof

    No bulk. No mess. Unlike bulky travel mugs, Stojo quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk that stows anywhere.

  • Safe Materials

    Made from food grade, recyclable materials. Stojo is BPA free and microwave safe.

  • Easy To Clean

    Stojo breaks down quickly for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

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Why Choose Stojo

Join Stojo on our mission to end disposable cup use and demonstrate your cafe's commitment to a greener planet!

  • Generate Additional Revenue

    Sell Stojo cups fro $10-$15 to increase cafe revenue

  • Build Customer Loyalty

    Offer discounts to repeat customers who use their reusable cups

  • Reduce Waste

    Save forests and waterways by reducing disposable cup waste

Get Your Stojo Cups Today

Stojo Cafe Starter Pack


Limited Time Offer
Description Tech Specs

Please note: This starter pack is currently backordered until Dec 15 - Dec 18.

This pack comes with 12 individual  in 6 different colors. This is the perfect portable reusable cup for people in cities who live on the go. The cup is collapsible, leak proof, easy to clean and made from the safest materials available.

Free shipping anywhere in the US.
Bamboo stand not included.

  • Made from safe, recyclable materials. No BPAs.
  • Food grade silicone cup and stopper.
  • Polypropylene lid and heat sleeve.
  • Capacity: 12 ounces / 355 mL
  • Expanded height: 5"
  • Collapsed height: 2"
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Diameter: 3.5"

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Increase Sell Through

Bamboo Retail Display (6-cup) - $40

Make your product display beautiful with this bamboo stand. Holds up to 6 cups.

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Bamboo Retail Display (12-cup) - $50

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  • Can I pick the colors of the assorted 12 pack cups?

    We recommend starting with the variety pack, so you can better understand which colors your customers prefer. Keep track of this and let us know , then we can send you a pack with specific colors.

  • What if I change my mind and want to return them?

    Buyer must pay for shipping to return and we will only refund the cost of cups, not any shipping.

  • Can I order the bamboo stand at a later time?

    There has been success from business owners who have purchased the cups and displayed them on the bamboo stand. If you would prefer to purchase that later you can.

  • How do our customers clean their stojo?

    Stojo breaks down easily and is diswasher safe. Encourage them to bring the cup home wash it and return again to take advantage of your cafe's BYOC (bring your own cup) discount.