quartz pocket cup

36-count case, collapsed packaging - $270.00
quartz pocket cup (12 oz) (36-count case, collapsed packaging)

quartz pocket cup

36-count case, collapsed packaging - $270.00

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each 36-count master case of pocket cups contains six 6-count inner cases.

key product features:

  • price per unit: wholesale $7.50 / msrp $14.99.
  • quickly collapses and expands.
  • breaks down for easy cleaning. dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • made from safe, recyclable materials. no bpas, phthalates, leads or glues.
  • premium food grade lgfb silicone cup and stopper. polypropylene lid and heat sleeve.
  • comes with heat sleeve that folds up into cup when collapsed, provides stability.
  • capacity: 12 fluid ounces / 355 ml
  • diameter: 3.5"
  • expanded height: 5"
  • collapsed height: 2"
  • weight: 4 ounce

the simple way to reduce disposables

  • convenient

    Portable and compact, stojo quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk that you can keep in your bag or pocket to use anytime.

  • valueable

    Saving the planet makes cents. Brew at home or get eco-friendly discounts at your local cafe.

  • safe

    Made from food grade, recyclable materials for hot and cold drinks. stojo is BPA free and microwave safe.

  • easy to clean

    Built with a seamless, take-apart design for easy cleaning. stojo is glue free and dishwasher safe.

small change, major impact

We’re on a mission to end disposable culture.. Americans toss an estimated 58 billion disposable cups annually. If everyone in the US used a Stojo, we could:
Save those disposable cups to construct a tower to the moon 22 times over
Power over 53,000 homes a year with the energy saved
Save over 2 million trees a year and breathe a little easier