Stojo Design 101


Part of being a sustainable brand, means making sure that we’re doing everything in our power to make this world a better place. We may be a bit biased, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got one of the best Product Development teams around. They are dedicated to making sure we are putting our best foot forward when it comes to everything product related–from details in design to each and every material being used. We sat with the product development team to learn what makes Stojo so special. 

What are the design principles and philosophy behind Stojo products?

The key principles of Stojo products are convenience, practicality, reusability, portability and most importantly, beautiful design. At Stojo, we're a team of busy city livers who love to escape to the outdoors, be that hiking, cycling or even snowboarding. This means we're focused on making sure our products are fit for purpose in a whole variety of lifestyles! 

Our design handwriting is 'less is more', more or less! We believe in simplistic aesthetics, blending form with function, and very much inspired and influenced by Scandinavian design. We're proud that one of our first ever retailers was the MoMA design store in NYC, and often refer back to it as our benchmark for new products! 

As our products are collapsible, we really think they are the most convenient way to eliminate single-use coffee cups and water bottles while you're on the go. Our aim is that our products are as small as possible when collapsed, but as sturdy as possible while you're using them on the go.


Stojo’s have polypropylene components and there has been a global call to reduce plastic production - what are your thoughts on this?

Plastics can often get a bad reputation, but at Stojo we believe that plastic is not bad, it's the way you use it that can be bad. In fact, plastic was designed to be super durable, which makes it perfect for our products which are intended for use again and again. The materials are all recyclable, and something I believe we don't shout about loud enough at Stojo is the time and care we take to ensure that every part of our products is separable. This means at the end of life, each part can be recycled, including all our polypropylene components which are #5 plastics.

We're proud to use LFGB Platinum cured silicone and LFGB Polypropylene, which are German based food safety testings, and a grade above most standard food safe products on the market. We're looking to add more parts onto our site, so that you can extend the life of each product should it need a little TLC, due to daily wear and tear. 

What are the stories behind the colors?

At Stojo, each of our products is intended to help us clean up our planet, one small action at a time. As a reminder of our purpose, the names of each colour we pick is rooted in nature, be it a natural fibre such as cashmere, or flowers such as peony and carnation. 

Our core colour palette is grounded with everyday neutrals and timeless colours which will always be relevant. We've started introducing some seasonal colourful palettes too, which add a pop of colour and optimism into our mission to end disposable culture!


What new products do you have planned for the future?

At Stojo, we really are thinking big so we can find solutions for other single-use items, which we want to make as convenient as possible. We have so much newness planned over the next few years, I wish I could share more with you right now, but you'll need to keep an eye out on our social media and website for sneak peaks and new launches! 

By the way, we LOVE customer feedback, and hope to find ways to incorporate it into our thinking for new products, so please send thoughts and ideas (good and bad) so we can factor it in. 

Much love, the PD team at Stojo x