Mixed Bundle

Mixed Bundle

Translucent / Aquamarine
Translucent / Carnation
Translucent / Lilac
Opaque / Aquamarine
Opaque / Carnation
Opaque / Lilac
Opaque / Oat

Mixed Bundle

Mixed Bundle - $115.00 $98.00

Mixed Bundle

Mixed Bundle - $115.00 $98.00
Translucent / Aquamarine Mixed Bundle
Translucent / Carnation Mixed Bundle
Translucent / Lilac Mixed Bundle
Opaque / Aquamarine Mixed Bundle
Opaque / Carnation Mixed Bundle
Opaque / Lilac Mixed Bundle
Opaque / Oat Mixed Bundle
Color Translucent / carnation

This bundle gets you everything you need for a more organized and sustainable kitchen. It comes with 3 36 oz bowls, a 16 oz "grande" cup, and a 20 oz bottle.

Collapse and stack them for space-saving organization, or fill them up while you meal prep, make coffee, and pack your bag for the day.


  • Airtight, leak-proof 
  • Dishwasher safe, comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Crafted from LFGB Certified silicone 
  • BPA-free, polypropylene accents
  • No phthalates, leads, or glues

16 oz cup

20 oz bottle

36 oz bowls

The Sounds of Stojo

Safe and Sound

World's safest silicone

Our food-grade silicone is LFGB Certified, which is a European safety standard that is far stricter than the FDA’s. This means you can safely use Stojo to enjoy all your favorite foods and beverages, regardless of temperature.

No glues, No chemicals

We designed Stojo to fit together like a puzzle, eliminating the need for glues and adhesives. And because safety always comes first, each component is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

Dishwasher safe, you're welcome.

To clean your Stojo, take it apart (you’re not breaking it, we promise) and place all components on the top rack of your dishwasher, or wash by hand.

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