Stojo Design 201: The Stojo Bowl

Stojo Design 201: The Stojo Bowl

The day has finally arrived! Introducing: the Stojo Bowl. Goodbye bulky containers, hello collapsible bowl of your dreams!

When we first started working on the Stojo Bowl, we had visions of this being your go-to on-the-go solution. Eventually, we thought “wait—we need this product in our home too.” Because we don’t know about you, but our container cupboards are a complete MESS!

Well, messy cupboards no more. We’re bringing you portable, stackable, nestable, collapsible food storage containers (or as our team likes to call them… wizardry!)

The Stojo Bowl was in development for 18 long months, and it definitely wasn’t always easy. First of all, as we touched on in our last Design 101 Blog Post, here at Stojo we have some fundamental design principles that we never compromise on:

1) Beautiful design. It’s at the top of the list for a reason. And while we add a lot of technical features to our products, the focus never waivers from the aesthetic.

2) Spill-proof products. No messes here. This was the biggest complexity. The first iterations of the bowl didn’t have any clasps... so that had to change. We first explored 2 clasps, then 3 clasps, and finally landed on 4 to create the most secure seal.

3) Separable parts. We like to think of our products as a puzzle, albeit a junior-level one. This makes them easier to clean, which just makes life easier. Plus, when you finally reach the end of a product’s life, no materials are glued, bonded, or fused together—meaning each part can be recycled. 

A little more about those parts! The bowl has a ring around the top, and the lid features 4 clasps.

The bowl is made of LFGB certified platinum-cured premium food grade silicone. The lid, clasps, and ring are made of FDA grade polypropylene, or #5 recyclable plastic.

Fun fact: our team is spread between New York and London, and our factories are in China. Lockdown and travel restrictions in 2020 have not been on our side as we reviewed prototypes. But luckily, with some Stojo optimism and persistence, we made it through. We’re so proud of how the Stojo Bowl has turned out and hope you love it as much as we do!

There are a few extra features we included that may not be super obvious... but we hope they surprise and delight when you find them. (Note: spoilers ahead.)

        • The clasps. The clasps on the lid are designed to be attached 90% of the time, but we actually carefully designed those to pop in and out without ever snapping. Why? So you can get a really thorough clean in all the nooks and crannies. And, if you’re a little clumsy, you don’t need to worry about it breaking. (Yes, this knowledge comes from personal experience.) We recommend reattaching them to the lid as soon as you’re done cleaning and drying, as these little guys tend to get lost.

        • The lid. There’s a little semi circle on the lid for easy grip when opening the lid. It’s the little things!

        • The air vents. We added little air vents under each of the clasps on the lid, so when you pop your bowl in the microwave, just open up the clasps while the lid is attached. This will prevent any spills or splashes. (Because cleaning the microwave is actually the worst.)

        • The foot. There’s a subtle foot on the base of the bowl which makes stacking them in your cupboard a breeze. So when you have a few Stojo Bowls in your collection, you can stack them up in your fridge or cupboards when expanded. And when you’re done, neatly stack and store them collapsed. No more container avalanches!

        • The measurements. Look inside your bowl and you’ll find internal measurement markings, just in case you wanted to know how much you’re adding of an ingredient, or how much of something you’re eating.

        • The ring. If you look carefully, there's a ring around the top of your bowl, which helps keep the clasps locked. We designed this to be secure enough to stay in place when you’re expanding, collapsing, and securing the lid. But also, here’s the fun part: if you remove it (and please, please make sure you remove it before doing this!) you can use your bowl in the oven. Cakes, lasagnas, mac & cheese—it’s all fair game. Lastly, we added little arrows on the inside of the ring so you can easily identify which way is the right way up when you’re re-assembling the bowl and the lid. 

        • Plus, this bowl can do it all. It's dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and oven safe (just remember: remove the ring)!

So there you have it. The inside scoop and the nitty gritty details of our latest labor of love. Our kitchen cabinets have never looked so organized nor our mealtimes so chic. And yours are next!

But keep an eye out… the best is yet to come!

Much love,
The Product Development Team at Stojo xo