Containers with a conscience

Take a peek under the lid to see how Stojo is made and how we’re constantly working to improve.
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Stojo Uses the Safest Materials with its Cups, Lids, Straws, and Bottles

The safest materials

Stojo’s silicone and polypropylene components are FDA and LFGB Platinum Certified—the highest food safety standard in the world. And although we are currently sourcing virgin materials, we’re actively seeking ways to incorporate recycled plastics and silicones into our product line.

Stojo is free of: BPA, BPS, cadmium, mercury, lead, and all California Prop 65 harmful substances.

Image of Cup Components that Shows Progressive Manufacturing of Parts

Progressive manufacturing

Our products are made in factories that meet the BSCI Code of Conduct, a rigorous set of requirements focused on employee rights, safety, and environmental regulations. These factories undergo regular audits by international organizations, and we closely monitor the results.


Every year, 1 Stojo
Tiny Cup Image for Responsibility Facts
saves 16 lbs of solid waste
Every Year, 1 Stojo Saves 16 lbs of Solid Waste Icon

Every year, 1 Stojo
Tiny Cup Image for Responsibility Facts
saves 23 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions
Every Year, 1 Stojo  Saves 23 lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Icon

Every year, 1 Stojo
Tiny Cup Image for Responsibility Facts
saves 281 gallons of water
Every year, 1 Stojo  Saves 281 Gallons of Water Icon

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Durable & recyclable

The first rule of sustainability is durability, and Stojo products are meant to last a lifetime. In case the worst happens, you can recycle damaged sleeves and lids wherever #5 recyclable plastic is accepted—likely in your curbside recycling. The silicone cup and straw are amazingly resilient; but just to be safe, we’re working on a way to responsibly recycle silicone so that we can be prepared for when those pieces eventually do wear out (many many years from now).

Taking steps

We're constantly working to end disposable culture, eliminating single use plastic with the products you've come to know and love. From the attention to detail in our design process, to our IRL cleanups and efforts, we're taking steps everyday to make reusable the new norm.

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