Get your fill

Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, it's easy to find the Stojo that speaks to you.

Stojo Cup

The perfect accessory for leaving the house. Collapses into a leak-proof disk when empty because we like you.

4 Size Options Available

Cute for a scoop

8 oz$15

Breakfast on the run

12 oz$15

Keen for a pint

16 oz$20

BYO Bucket

24 oz$25

Stojo Bottle

Stay hydrated without ever looking thirsty. Collapses into a leak-proof ball, great for tossing in your bag or relieving stress.

1 Size Available

Knight in shining silicone

20 oz$25


12 oz / 16 oz$4.75

24 oz$4.75

8 oz$3

12 oz$3

16 oz$3

24 oz$3

8 oz$5

12 oz$5

16 oz$5

24 oz$5

Gift Card$25

Gift Card$50

Gift Card$100