We were tired of clunky Tupperware so we gave it an upgrade

Whether you're meal prepping lunches or storing leftovers, our space-saving containers will be your new go-to. No more food storage avalanches, missing lids, or carting around bulky food containers on the go!

Meet Stojo

Our food storage was made to keep your cabinets organized and your backpacks light. Tupperware's worst enemy.


Why Stojo?

The rest of your kitchen looks great. Your food storage should too. It's time to invest in premium food storage that's better looking and longer lasting.


Ditch the clutter with stackable storage


Non-toxic, premium food grade silicone


BPA-free, BPS-free


Dishwasher, microwave safe



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What sets us apart

Say goodbye to those crusty, messy, old food storage containers that haven’t had a matching lid since 2003. Give your cabinets a clean out and hop on the good-lookin' food storage train.

Cabinets that will make all your friends jealous


Stackable, collapsible wizardy!

Stojo Bowls store nested and flat to save space, then pop open to upgrade your meal prep, leftovers, and work lunches. Plus: they can go in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and even just on the counter.


Dishwasher safe, because we all need it.

It's only convenient to meal prep if it's just as easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the lid from the top of your Stojo Bowl. Just place both parts in the dishwasher (top rack please!), or wash by hand. Easy peasy.

Why customers love Stojo